Top 10 Dating Signs You Guys Should Look Out For

Here are some things you fellas should notice (and run from) during a date:

  1. She has a brother/sister that’s smarter than you, stronger than you, bigger than you, hates you, and is overprotective of his/her sister
  2. Her idol is a cartoon character from a dumb kid’s television show
  3. Her ideal match (other than you) is a celebrity that no one likes
  4. She thinks video games are a waste of time, money, resources, etc.
  5. One of her hobbies includes artsy-fartsy photography that happens to find itself on the internet
  6. She hates pizza (big one to look out for)
  7. She is currently subscribed to herself on youtube
  8. She is sarcastic about your first date with her
  9. She has no idea who your parents are
  10. She know your parents a littleĀ too much

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