Pepperoni Theory: Plants vs. Zombies

My theory for today is about the ever popular Plants vs Zombies. I know what you’re thinking, though. “But there IS nothing to base a theory ON!” Maybe for you, but what if Plants vs Zombies was more than that? What if Crazy Dave WASN’T crazy? What if the magic taco WAS magic?

My theory is that Dave and Zomboss were once best friends. Let me explain.

Before the whole PVZ incident, Dr. Zomboss was actually known as Dr. Boss and Crazy Dave was just Dave. Dave and Boss met in college where they later became lab partners and even friends. Among the many discoveries and inventions, Dave found a way to make animate plants and a potion that can resurrect the dead. When Dr. Boss mistook the potion for Kool Aid, though, he became a highly intelligent zombie now known as Dr. Zomboss. Dave made an antidote, but with two side effects. One, the antidote had to be made in a taco, and two, the person who ate the taco would be almost completely crazy.

Although Dave (now known as Crazy Dave) was crazy, he still had some sanity left to make an army of plants, which he gave to someone (let’s call him Rick). At first, Rick didn’t know what was going on, but when he planted the peashooter, he became aware of the situation. Dr. Zomboss knew Rick would be a threat, so he sent waves of zombies and even made a “Zombot”, but rick was too strong for Zomboss. The plants and zombies then called a temporary truce to make a music video.

If you guys want to have me make a theory on something else, let me know in the comments below.


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